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We're broadening our courier services with a new parcel delivery solution to courier offices, in collaboration with Bulgarian Post.

Our Services

Freight Transportation

By Air, Ocean, Road, Rail or a combination of all four, we’ve got flexible solutions and competitive rates for anything that can fit in a plane, ship, truck, wagon, container or even a small package.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain analytics & planning, cost-to-serve modeling, distribution strategy design or 3PL/4PL/LLP services – this is just a small part of our digital toolbox to help you meet and exceed your supply chain metrics and goals.

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Maritime Solutions

Project and Over-sized Cargo, Port & Marine Logistics, Smart Ship Husbandry & Procurement… you name it! You’ve got everything duly covered.

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Green Planet

Our policies are tuned to measure the impact of our work on nature and humans, ensuring proper environmental stewardship for a greener and safer planet.