Though the freight transportation from China and India is still a market “hit”, the USA, being one of the most developed economies, should also be considered as one of the serious players, when talking supply chain.

Food additives, vitamins, electronic equipment are but a small part of the cargoes being shipped from North America. With the world going hectically digital, the shipments of parcels bought via different web-based platforms are also constantly increasing.

Did you know, that a very important role in airfreight pricing for imports from the USA plays the fact whether the shipper is defined as “known” or “unknown“? There is a national US register, where the origin logistics service provider can check how a particular shipper is registered. This fact reflects directly on the airfreight costing as the airfreight rates per kilo are lower for the “known” US shippers. Hence, it is very helpful to provide the name of the shipper, when sending an inquiry for airfreight transportation to your logistics service provider. This will enable him to prepare the best quotation to you, in respect of the particular details of your shipment and will diminish the possibilities for unpleasant rate surprises on a later stage.

We consider it as a cliche, that the airfreight transportation from the USA is difficult and expensive. Unimasters has a very strong global partner’s network and the USA is not an exception. We are constantly craving for improving our service portfolio, providing our customers with tailored solutions.

The result of our hard work in conjunction with our US partners is, that now we are able and pleased to present our improved airfreight USA-to-Bulgaria product.

By choosing to ship your US bought goods by air with Unimasters you will have an opportunity to:

Last, but not least, regardless of the time difference, our airfreight​ ​ team will​ ​send you a quote​ ​within 30 minutes,​ ​after the receipt of your inquiry, as we all are aware, that the fast response is crucial for the success of your business.

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1. Quick solution to every question
Unimasters’ Customer Hub handles a wide variety of issues, related to your business. We use state-of-the-art software that enables us to solve your questions related to inquiries, tracking information, documents, bookings within no time and quickly escalate cases if necessary.

2. Desired communication channel
Our omni-channel customer hub provides support via multiple communication channels and ensures an easy transition to the desired customer service, taking into account your own preferences: phone, e-mail, live chat, Facebook, LinkedIn, webforms or our self-service zone – MyUnimasters.

3. One support agent, different questions
Our team is composed of highly qualified young people with strong knowledge of the company products. All agents possess extensive experience in the logistics field and are trained to solve customer questions without transferring.

4. Personal service
It’s our support agents’ mission to put themselves in customer’s shoes and to demonstrate personal attitude and special attention. They posses the ability to listen, understand and offer a solution that best reflects your individual needs and expectations.

5. Rating & Recomendations
Your feedback is from great importantance for us. Each recommendation is taken into account and helps us improve our products and our customers’ experience.

Any questions? Our Customer Hub can be reached via e-mail: or phone at: 0800 800 00 (toll-free national) and +359 52 818 008 (international).

В Юнимастърс се стремим към непрекъснато подобряване и разширяване на услугите ни. В отговор на актуалните тенденции и нарастващото търсенето на пазара, ви представяме нашата нова директна групажна линия от Варна за Израел до Ашдод и Хайфа.

С новия сервиз можем да предложим кратки тразитни времена, регулярни отплавания и конкуренти цени, както и сигурност, поради елиминиране на излишни претоварвания. По този начин спестяваме на нашите клиенти време и средства за транспортиране на пратките до други европейски пристанища за износ.

Групажната ни линия е подходяща за пратки от всяка точка на страната, като можем да организираме ежедневно изтегляне от адрес със собствения ни вътрешен сервиз до наш консолидационен склад на конкурентни цени.

Предимства на морски групажен сервиз до Израел:

Други групажни сервизи на Юнимастърс по износ, на които традиционно можете да разчитате:

– регулярен седмичен сервиз от Варна за Сингапур, с който обслужваме пратките на нашите клиенти за Тайван, Тайланд, Индия, Япония, Корея, Малайзия, Индонезия, Филипините, Виетнам, Пакистан, Бангладеш, Шри Ланка, Хонконг и Китай

– групажен сервиз с регулярни отпътувания от София през Антверп, предназначен за пратки за Северна и Южна Америка

За повече информация и запитване за цена можете да се свържете с нас на следните контакти:

Е: T: 0800 800 00